Reason to Believe

  • No loss – Reconnect with loved ones who have passed on.
  • Immortality – Live for ever in an afterlife of eternal bliss.
  • Stress free – God does not test anyone with more then they can handle.
  • No accidents – No discomfort will come to you that is not a necessary part of god’s plan.
  • Frustration – God is one on whom to direct blame when things are tough.
  • Prayer – If you ask really nicely your circumstances can improve.
  • Companion – God is a caring friend whenever you need one.
  • Gratitude – God is one to show appreciation toward when feeling fortunate.
  • Responsibility – So long as you follow gods word you can do no wrong.
  • Revenge – Those who cross you will burn in hell.

One thought on “Reason to Believe


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