God Fearing

scarecrowIf God wants that we perpetually fear the possibility of adverse consequences, should we fail to commit this, the one life we can be sure we are indeed awarded, to something about whose existence we can only postulate, he is sadistic.


2 thoughts on “God Fearing

  1. While the Bible describes hell in some horrific terms please consider the following. (I don’t expect to accept of believe it but consider the premise) Hell can be considered an accommodation for those who deny or do not want to have connection with God. Since heaven is where God perpetually exists no one wanting to be near God would want to be in heaven. Many Christians consider hell not to be a place created by god for torment but simply a place where no God is acknowledged by the inhabitants. John Lennon wrote “Imagine” but hell could be a place where no religion and no God is acknowledged. The altruism that Jesus teaches (Though not practiced by His adherents) would not exist and only Darwinian survival of the fittest would reign. The selfishness of humanity which is greater in some than others would be fully released.

    Please forgive the length of this comment. While I don’t agree with most of your posts I do appreciate your process of thinking.


  2. If I use you reasoning, then the following applies…

    1) You steal from your employer.
    2) You apologize, and he gives you a second chance.
    3) Because you committed a criminal act and someone had to pay the penalty, the bosses son goes to prison in your place.
    4) You steal; again from your boss, and he catches you.
    5) You kill the boss.
    6) You are given the death penalty.
    7) The late bosses son is now out of prison, and takes your place on death row and is executed.
    8) Because of the sacrifice of the employers son, you are free from past crimes.
    9) You no longer care, and keep committing murders, and are finally caught and put to death.

    Now, place God in the employer space, and Jesus Christ in the employers son’s place.

    So, you believe that your boss and his son are sadistic?



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