jesus_and_peterThat people turn to God in times of need, is not evidence that he exists, but to the contrary, that we generate him when we could benefit most form his existence.


4 thoughts on “Utility

  1. And yet if one finds comfort in those times there is no definite proof one way or the other as to whether said comfort was internally generated or provided by a benevolent deity.


  2. Though I get completely get what you are saying from my logical brain, my spiritual side wants to pose a question. What if it is in that moment we are not ‘creating’ God for comfort as in seeing him for convenience as many do (which may not always be a bad thing if it gets them to finally find God, religion, or spirituality and follow it more consistently) but what if they are seeing God for because it is his design as to when he is wanting to reveal himself at their lowest point because they have finally exhausted all their options and they now realize this is what it takes to begin their journey? This is not always a comforting thought as we struggle and are embarrassed and believe we can do it alone and he never helped before or allowed other horrible things to happen before. Thoughts?



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