11029939_1104806016212495_3531172106327140497_nEven if it could be known with certainty that there is a god, it is futile to revolve one’s life around a holy book they personally determine most likely to be God’s work. If society regards this futility, as its essence and very source of our humanity, it is no wonder the ensuing culture is less than optimal in every regard.


One thought on “Danger

  1. Hi Judeo Chrislam, I find the pursuit of understanding God’s will very invigorating. But even better is the pursuit of understanding His heart. I realize that such a notion is empty vanity it someone who doesn’t believe in Him but if you would, for just a moment, imagine an entity that is the essence of pure love (even though His followers do a hellaciously poor job of representing Him) you might find it a bit intriguing, at the very least don’t del sorry for me, every day is an amazing adventure searching out true, unselfish, unconditional love from the perspective of someone who is, by nature, selfish.



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