Deism vs Theism

13260-gamesrocks-supermanThe more specifics attributed to a hypothetical, the less probable it becomes. (E.g. While it is probable that aliens exist, it is far less likely that they wear red capes.) While it can be argued that the supernatural exists, it is far less likely that it shares any characteristics with that, postulated by any man made religion.


2 thoughts on “Deism vs Theism

  1. As a former agnostic, I have insight into the feeling of emptiness that a Godless life contains. In an attempt to fill the emptiness and validate their position, they post provocative anti-God rhetoric. Like many other failed pursuits , the provocative post responses become boring and cliche.

    The good news is that struggling with Godlessness often leads people to find Him. That hunger is described in Romans 1 & 2.

    Thanks, Judeo!


  2. This may be true, but the specifics of most theistic religions are not as random as a “red cape” on an alien, so this line of logic and comparison is really unrepresentative of theism. It’s the difference between saying a tree is growing umbrellas and a tree is growing apples. One specification is highly illogical, while the other is a realistically probable specific.



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