Untitled-3Why is it that the religion most people find to be true, just so happens to be the very one they were born into?


5 thoughts on “Suspicious

  1. I think it is because they just accept what they hear and do not carefully and deeply examine themselves and their beliefs. Things that are “urgent” get in the way of things that are important, and people cruise through life on autopilot, reacting to their surroundings rather than creating a chosen course of life.

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  2. Sadly many children are forced to get up, wash, dress nice with help… all to go and try to sit quietly while adults talk around them about things they don’t understand at all. Then they are baptised, or otherwise told they are committed to that church, that god, that doctrine. It becomes habit, it becomes the social circle, it becomes harder to leave than to just do it and get it over with for the week. it becomes a chore, never a joy. Been there, seen it, hated it. Hugs



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