Fascism ≠ Atheism

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Must we commit to faith based belief, even if it inspires a culture of violent extreme, because generations ago a genocidal dictator is said to have lacked fear in a creator?

The catholic church celebrated Hitler’s birthday every year until his death. In 1943 the church declared Stalin “The Divinely Anointed Ruler”. Mao ruled as himself a god.

If these men were in fact atheist, it was not expressed with nearly as much adamants as “god is great” is pronounced nowadays.

“Find a society that said we adopted the teachings of Lucretius, Democritus, Galileo, Spinoza, Darwin, Russell, Jefferson, Thomas Paine and Albert Einstein, we make that, scientific and rational humanism our teachings, find me the state that did that and fell into tyranny, slavery, famine, torture and genocide, then we’ll be on a level playing field.” -CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS



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