mr-potatohead11Though there can be no evidence disproving supernatural claims, there is plenty of reason to suspect that religions are man made.


3 thoughts on “Ritual

  1. There’s a lot of scholarly material out there that begs to differ. It’s definitely a topic worth studying in detail. If you’re short on time, I would suggest just one topic and question to research. The birth of Jesus Christ, as recorded by eyewitnesses (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)–how closely did it correlate with the predictions (prophesies) made multiple centuries beforehand? I think that one event is probably the most broadly-claimed (and academically studied) prophecy and fulfillment you could research. (Granted, it might take a while; there’s a lot of material to go through and perspectives to consider.)


    1. So you’re saying I should ignore scripture’s crippling effect on societies as a whole and on the intellectual integrity of individuals, because according to some perspectives you can interpret an ancient book as having predicted the conditions of a birth many believe never even took place?



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