Christianity is not a Religion?

11029939_1104806016212495_3531172106327140497_nI often hear that “Christianity is not a Religion”. If Christianity is to believe in creation, revelation, redemption and salvation, in what way is it any less a religion than say Judaism or Islam?


5 thoughts on “Christianity is not a Religion?

  1. Those who say this believe that “religions” are man-made institutions and that, by contrast, Jesus and his teachings are from God. Their point, whether you accept it or not, is that Christianity is unique.


  2. I would say that following Jesus and his teachings does not involve religious baggage. Instead it is participating in the expanding kingdom of God on earth, which is not exactly the same as the church or Christianity, although many people in the churches follow Jesus in kingdom living. The kingdom of God is not an institution but an influence that spreads among others and promotes peace, love, and acceptance for everyone. It is a force for healing and reconciliation.

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  3. The definition of religion is: “The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” (Oxford Dictionary).

    The problem is that Christians want to distinguish themselves from other systems of faith that are built on rituals. They do this by twisting the definition of ‘religion’ and denying a large part of what that word means. When one takes into account what ‘religion’ means, it cannot be denied that Christianity is in fact a religion.

    It does not matter if this religion originated from “God” or Jesus, a religion is a religion. Being a follower of Jesus is a system of faith and worship. If it wasn’t a religion, it would have to eliminate worship and devotion to a supernatural being.

    That’s just based on the Oxford Dictionary. The trouble is people find uneducated opinions more authoritative than a dictionary. Unfortunately, many people claiming Christianity isn’t a religion are simply “followers” without theological study.

    Notice, I used the word “many”, because I know not every persona falls into the categories I mentioned.

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  4. Religion simply means man’s own way of reaching out to God. You cannot reach out to God, the Creator, by your own rules, thoughts or belief. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. ‘Way’, in Greek is hodos, meaning: ‘road, path or destiny’. ‘truth’ is alethia (reality) and ‘life’, zoe is ‘God’s kind of life; the type that is undying’. Check it out, no religious leader or founder in man’s history ever uttered this truism. HE concluded the above exposition with, “no man comes to the Father except by me”. Jesus said to Peter, “Thou art Peter (‘petros’ -a stone) and upon this rock (‘petra’ a large boulder e.g. the rock of Gibraltar) will I build my church. Jesus, in this way, established the true and spiritual form of worship of Jehovah. Christianity is the way (definitely not a carnal, religious invention) to the Lord of creationism.Amen!


  5. Perhaps it is not less a religion, but rather more than a religion. The teachings of Christianity call its believers to act on and be more than just an observational, religious, ritualistic follower. It emphasizes a relationship that is compared to one of a father and son, two friends, and a bridegroom and bride, with implications of direct communication, and distinguishes itself from the “chains” of religious activities, rather promoting freedom from “religion” (meaning in the ritualistic sense). This is sometimes what that statement is meant as, and other times, it is said out of pure ignorance.



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