Deism is a form of atheism.

A = Not

Theist = One who believes in an intervening god.

I am an atheist who believes in God. I believe the world was created by a conscious being. I don’t believe this being wrote a book giving a specific human a specific piece of land, split a sea or suspends nature in any way.


17 thoughts on “Deism is a form of atheism.

  1. Clever new twist on the ever-evolving definition of atheist!

    I personally prefer to accept the definition theists often utilize. If you show willingness to work from their language, chances are they will be more willing to listen. One can only hope!


  2. Deism is NOT atheism… Deists DO believe in a ‘god’… just not an intervening one… this is NOT atheism.

    Let’s be clear about what is at stake here: Who gets to define what ‘atheists’ are… In other words, who gets to define an atheist’s reality for him/her… That’s what’s at stake…

    It’s not a matter for compromise; give the religulous an inch and they will take the whole universe… And remember that just ’cause it’s not fashionable to burn heretics/atheists/unbelievers at that stake these days, that the fashion for doing so might not return… There are lots of religious people from various denominations who long for the return of the ‘good old days’ when they could torture and murder atheists with impunity.

    Personally, I’d rather not see those times returning… and allowing the religious to define atheism is the first step down that road.

    Either you’re an atheist and don’t believe in ANY god(s) or else you are a Deist and believe in a non-interventionary god.

    Frankly, if you believe in any form of deity, you’re NOT an atheist.

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  3. The One who created the world calls Himself JEHOVAH. Why don’t you seek to know HIM as Jehovah? He says He is the SAVIOUR. The truth is that every person is entitled to his views. The Greek philosophers call Him Logos, by whom one can access Him, not having a true understanding of the Logos. The rational man thinks he knows a lot!

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      1. No doubt, Amy. Rational philosophers live in fear (the opposite of the faith we wield), of the unknown, if they will tell the truth. We know the Truth: that the truth is a Personage, He is the Lord Jesus. Amen!


  4. Most definitely, it will be under Theist. An atheist believes there is no God, placing him in a most hopeless, future, eternal after-life. An agnostic, going by its definition, which is made of ‘a’ (meaning: a negative, not) and gnosis (meaning: knowledge), hence, is a one battling with an acute famine of knowledge. One who is deficient of knowledge should embark on the tripartite mission of ask, seek & knock for it or what do you think, dear Water To Wine?


  5. The author here, for some odd reason, is choosing to ignore the definition of the term atheist so they can just make a new one up, then cast themself as an atheist with this made up definition.

    Words have definitions – and no version of atheist can be accurately applied to someone who believes in god(s).


  6. Atheist is defined as ‘no deity’. No deity; is it or is it not no Jehovah? I know what Psalms 14:1 & 53:1 say. Atheists can check it out in quest for the true knowledge.


  7. Honestly curious to here your response to this, as a deist, do you personally believe that this creator created the laws of physics and science themselves, or do you believe that those were already in place. If the former, would you believe that this creator COULD intervene and make an exception to those laws, in other words, a miracle (such as dividing a sea)? If the latter, I guess I believe that needs a logical explanation. All laws, even the laws of nature, naturally imply an instigator. Just as the fact that there is moral sensibility in humanity implies a higher standard. Just want to make it clear I am not trying to bash your website by any means, I am actually very interested in reading what you write. I would be very interested to hear your responses 🙂


  8. While I’m always happy to welcome someone to the atheist community, I think googling the definition of theism couldn’t hurt you. I’m 100% positive that deism falls under the umbrella of theism. I’ve only ever seen theism used to refer to “belief in God.” I’ve never seen it used prior to this post to refer to beliefs about whether or not God intervenes. The more specific labels within the theism umbrella are for that: Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Pagan, etc. Maybe none of those labels fit you, and that’s OK. None of them fit me either. Deism falls under the theism umbrella, but it’s less specific than those other religions. Using different definitions from the ones everyone else is using is going to create issues when you get into discussions with people. It does, however, sound to me like deist is the label for you. I’d like to see more deists and fewer people subscribing to organized religion. I often wonder what the world would be like that way.


    1. define theism “belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in one god as creator of the universe, INTERVENING in it and sustaining a personal relation to his creatures.

      What would you say is the distinction between ‘deism’ and ‘theism’ if not a god that intervenes, and one who lets nature take its course?



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