What are love, art and the question of spatiotemporal limits, if not evidence of something more? Can evidence be inconclusive? “I don’t know!”

Can human being’s confidence they know the will of a creator be construed to justify any immorality? Are all claims to know the will of a creator, equally questionable?

Can empathy exist without revelation? Does ‘survival of the fittest’ negate the notion of empathy?

Can negativity be positive? Should evil be hated?

Is ‘hope’ of value when it’s false?

Had you the means to invent conscious beings, that experience, joy and pain, would you? Is G-d love?


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  1. When a man tries to stuff his thinking faculty with too many questions to bursting overflow, he gets vexed in spirit. There are two forces: Good and Evil. The force that terrorizes your mind has come to steal, kill & to destroy. Jesus, and only Him said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, with an addendum of satisfaction. He said also, “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”. His declaration is, “I go to prepare a place for you…”. Would I rather listen to nagging questions of philosophy that profer not the tiniest solution or listen to Jesus who calms with, “My grace is sufficient for you: for in your weakness is my strength made potent”? Of course God is love. The Bible, God’s protocol testifies to its verity. Amen!


    1. So, to reiterate, it is your position that: Rather than being content with not even “the tiniest solution” you’d prefer ‘any solution’, even for questions to which answers may simply be beyond our capacity for understanding.; Since you find intellectual curiosity and critical thinking to be “vexing, nagging and laborious”, you’v opted to submit your will, and find “rest” in mindlessly accepting all the teachings of a book you yourself have determined to be the one true one from the many books claiming to have been authored by the creator of the universe.; You feel confident arbitrarily quoting phrases from this book regardless of how unrelated they may be to the dialog at hand? Dr. Seuss, and only him said, “I am the Lorax I speak for the trees”.

      Where Jesus and I do seem to agree is that it is in fact only intellectual “weakness” that gives “potency” to his claims.

      Should we not be suspicious of the claim: my word “is sufficient for you” and no further inquiry is required?

      Don’t you find it to be conceited and suggestive of suppressed self-doubt for one to end every statement with the self-affirming phrase ‘…and what I say, is correct’ aka “Amen”?


      1. With all your intellectualism can you boast of the solution to the sin question? The Bible alone has the solution to it. Adam’s wife sought to acquire what you claim to be intellectualism and brought death to the world. Jesus is LORD.


        1. So your question is “without the bible how do I answer the question that is only a question if I believe the bible?” If I don’t believe that we were given commandments which should not be transgressed, how can I believe in the notion of sin.

          As for your assertion that “Jesus is LORD”, is that in attempt to inform me that this is your belief because it seems to you that I have yet to pick up on it, are you mentioning it because your under the impression that I have simply never been exposed to the notion and that I will be convinced of it once it is brought to my attention, or is it just another instance of self-affirmation?


          1. When you fail to do the right thing just because you do not believe, whose fault? You do not believe in the use of seat belt so refuse to use it. What will the law say or do to you? You believe in it’s world of the fittest, therefore taking the stuffs of others over which you have strength or authority. What will the law of that territory do to you? Jesus asked His hearers something like this in Matthew 21:38. The truth is that you don’t have to agree or believe me. What if the Bible you mock is after all the truth by which the Owner of creation will judge every man? What if?


            1. What if the Mayan gods are after all the truth by which every man will be judged? What if you face an eternity of torment unless you sacrifice a human? What if Satanist are the ones who hold the truth? What if any from the thousands of gods man has postulated throughout history, are true?

              I am as concerned with the threats of your book as you are with Darth Vader.



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