862266“I tortured and crucified my son so that I won’t have to torture you for an apple your ancestors ate, on the condition that when you read about these events thousands of year after their supposed occurrences, you don’t question them.” -God




5 thoughts on “Logic

  1. This medieval texts from an obscure Arabic cult have historical interest. They have affected the world for thousands of years. Maybe it’s time we left them in the past.


  2. God is most definitely not, in any way being quoted here: your couch is caricatural. The Calvary event is meant for those who would read Matthew 11:28, “Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”; and believe it and do the needful. Adam lost it. God, the Creator, decided to redeem mankind, knowing fully well that some humans would want to walk with God. The word ‘walk’, in Hebrew, is halak, meaning: ‘lifestyle’. In the blood is life. Blood, therefore, is required (not to satiate God’s sanguinary stance) to save sinful man. Incarnation happens to be the solution according to the counsel of God. It, no doubt sounds like a fairy tale, the ones one watches from the stable of Disney Pictures, but it is not. You either believe the word of God or reject it. The free moral agency that goes into the creation of man happens to be what the enemy turned into a lacuna. As a free moral agent you decide to seek Jesus or go on with your philosophical lone ranging existence. It is a spiritual phenomenon and you hardly know when you are going away from the presence of God’s love. What if the Calvary sacrifice is not a mere historical event? It requires FAITH to see biblical issues. Without faith you can never understand God, who calls Himself JEHOVAH. Jehovah means ‘self existing One’. This is a One who IS: by His own power. Amen!


    1. Correct. “God is most definitely not, in any way being quoted here.” If the universe was in fact created by a conscious being, why would it abase the divine majesty of its supremely inspired creation with such a petty, anthropomorphic proposition or any other like it.

      I could spend days extracting the abundance of logical inconsistencies and non-sequiturs from the rest of your statement but as you’v already articulated, you haven’t reached your position by ‘questioning’ but by ‘accepting’. Amen!


  3. There are dimensions of anthropomorphism and anthropopathism of Jehovah. “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Gen.1:26). The ‘image’ is Christ while the ‘likeness’ explains His physiognomy simply because the resultant form is seen in Adam, physically. God has an upper limbs (Isaiah 53:1; Revelation 5:1). Exodus 4:14, ” And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Moses” proves that God does emote. In Psalms 2:4 & 37:13, the LORD God laughs. It is apropos that God should exhibit these dimensions in order to enable us to relate closely to Him. My post, “TRINITY (Mythical or a Reality)” explains it better. Please do try to read it and give me your comments on it. My questionings aren’t for its sake but to enable us to be on the same page, when sincerely answered. Except you just want to argue just for its sake you can’t claim that my scriptural stand is fraught with illogicalities.


    1. Blankly asserting that I “just want to argue just for its sake” doesn’t sound like one who is sincerely looking for “us to be on the same page”.



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