Right Message Wrong Messenger


The argument can be made that Mel Gibson was right in saying “Jews (the initial and therein too, the subsequent abrahamic religions) are responsible for all the wars in the world”, and Donald Trump has a case for the travel ban. In Canaanite times it’d have been the Jews, and Christians the middle ages, who operated on the most testosterone. Only both Gibson and Trump are professed Christians and unlike religiophobia which is justified, if you yourself believe to know the mind of God, by what criteria can you hold any holy warrior at fault.

Though the claim “to have directives from God” is typically just employed to promote our natural tendency to the Golden Rule, it also lends itself more easily to justify violence than anything else does.


2 thoughts on “Right Message Wrong Messenger

  1. that’s one way of looking at it, i view it as it was written for a certain group of people for a certain time. they believed the anti christ was nero during that time since he was “their” oppressor.



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