Cartoons, phobia or warranted fear?

lat_minelo_2452018If throughout history people wearing polkadots committed heinous acts of violence at a far greater rate than did the rest of society, would it be unwarranted for individuals to elect to personally abandon polkadots?

If at a given time in history the violence was being committed predominantly by people wearing blue polkadots, albeit by just a small minority of those wearing the blue poladots, would it be irrational to be wary of people wearing blue polkadots?

Note: I’ve selected the wearing of polkadots to make my point specifically because it is of no consequence, where as if polkadots were an indispensable part of life, we would need to find a solution that didn’t require us abandoning them.


One thought on “Cartoons, phobia or warranted fear?

  1. No. But I would like to hear a cry of outrage from all the innocent Hello Kitty T-Shirt wearers and for them to take some action. They seem to take the easy option and all the Cat in the Hat T-shirt wearers to deal with them. The surmising is that they really support the heinous acts.



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