ZoltarFortuneTeller8x10gs2I would not ask the time from someone who believes unicorn, santa or superman are real.

As I am confident the likes of ghosts, reincarnation and horoscopes are nonsense, I am confident evolution is real and that man made climate change is a problem, if for no other reason than that the only people denying these claims, just so happen to be the same people who believe in things like talking snakes and that a new set of physical laws were devised just to aid a group of fleeing slaves cross a river.


8 thoughts on “Credibility

  1. There is no conflict between God and science because God created all that is, including science. The conflict is within the human mind and heart, and stems from resistance and lack of understanding. Great truths are more than literally true. That is to say, great truths not true for one person or a handful of people in one time and in one place — they are true for all people, in all times, in all places. They are truer than true!


      1. Isn’t that the point of your post? Aren’t your sarcastic remarks about evolution, talking snakes, etc. intended to make enemies of science and myth? My point is that myths aren’t physically true — they are metaphysically true.


        1. Thanks for amending your position to now reflect the critical distinction between the notion of a ‘god’ and that of ‘myth’, the notion that ‘this world may have been created by a conscious being’ and the far less defensible notion that “this being wrote a book” (or is in some other way undermines the consistency of nature).

          Am I correct to assume from your remark “the conflict stems from lack of understanding” that you don’t object to the theory of evolution and the problem of man made climate change?


          1. I *absolutely* believe that evolution is the best scientific model we have for the origin of species, that climate change is real, that humans are the cause, that more animals and plants are going extinct today than at any previous period in history, etc. And that terrifies me! But I also believe that the story of Adam and Eve tells us something about the human condition that is profoundly true and beautiful. I would love to have a discussion about this in detail. If you would too, click this link to put something on my calendar. We can video chat using Zoom.



            1. Thanks for the invite, but if you will, I find this forum more conducive to sufficiently considered dialog, and since my writing criticizes the intolerant, I’d prefer to maintain my anonymity.

              The point of my post is not to generate a conflict between those prone to dogma, and science, but rather to express that, though unacknowledged, those who consider the stories of the bible to be literal and those with a suspicious degree of resistant to accepted scientific findings, are typically the same people.


  2. This is the first of your articles that I have read, I plan on reading many more even though I know we do not believe the same things, but, who knows, we may both learn something from each other.

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