The claim to know that there is no conscious being responsible for this universe, is as absurd as the claim to know that there indeed is one.

I define ‘theist’ to mean one who suspects God responds to human behavior, and ‘atheist’ to mean everyone without that assumption.

Even if nothing can be known for certain, not all hypotheses are equally plausible. It is far more likely that 1+1=2, than that 1+1=3.

It is far more likely that the gods humans have worshiped throughout history are all equally man made, than to imagine the designer of time and space found it a meaningful challenge, adding to the mix his own scripture, which indeed to many, can not be distinguished from the litter.

It is far more likely that the complexity of matter is so profound it could evolve to become the consciousness we experience, than it is to image that nature is at times suspended to say- split a sea to accommodate a group of fleeing slaves who descend from the first human to correctly guess the number of existing gods.

Whereas the faithful submit their position is rooted in hope, the case can be made that the atheistic position is objectively far more probable.


Why does a life of celibate devotion not deter deviant priests?

Why are mortars typically of those who hold a notion of an afterlife?

Sensationalism aside, well intentioned beliefs of individuals significantly impact us all.

Why are those resisting the science of evolution and climate, typically Theists?

Why are those insisting sexual orientation is a choice, and objecting a woman’s right to choose, typically Theists?

It is only once understanding that theism is untrue, that one begins to experience the gravity of religion’s consequence.

Aim to root your beliefs in as unquestionable truths as possible.



“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” ―Neil deGrasse Tyson


fishbowl1If you think religion can be practiced by its followers without interfering in the lives of others, your failing to account for the past couple of thousand years.


If god allows nature to run uninterrupted, it can be argued that suffering is a justified consequence of matters equilibrium, but if every instance of history has been meticulously scripted, God must be a sadistic sociopath.


862266“I tortured and crucified my son so that I won’t have to torture you for an apple your ancestors ate, on the condition that when you read about these events thousands of year after their supposed occurrences, you don’t question them.” -God



Divine Intervention

realJewsThere will forever be those who identify as the true descendants of Abraham. Our only hope of mitigating the inevitable, negative effects proven to stem from these beliefs, is for the rest of society to adamantly maintain that supernatural claims are wholly unsubstantiated fantasies.